Mindful Holistic Healing Email Series

Welcome to the mindful holistic healing email series. Inside I share the core ideas behind living a happier and healthier life.

My philosophy is simple. Living a happier and healthier life all comes down to being mindful of what you eat, think, and feel.

This series is broken down into three parts. Each part focused on achieving what I call the trinity of happiness. 
  1. Vitality - Physical Healing
  2. Peace - Emotional Intelligence
  3. Joy - Spiritual Cleansing 

When we have...

Vitality; great physical health and an abundance of energy. 

Peace; full control over our emotions and feelings.

Joy; love and compassion for ourselves and life.

We are free to live the life we desire. We discover and see the true purpose of life.

  • To live and enjoy every moment.
  • To give value to others. 
  • To seek challenge.
  • And appreciate the journey of life.

Some of the to most powerful quotes I ever read are.

"The key to living is giving." Tony Robbins
"The key to happiness is progress." Tony Robbins

The problem is. It is hard to genuinely serve others or feel motivated. When our spiritual, emotional, and physical health is not in good shape.

Instead we become more concerned with surviving and competing with others to obtain love, attention and admiration. Thinking that when we finally feel loved or accepted. We will finally feel happiness.

This way of thinking causes us to feel anxious fearful and out of control. We become so obsessed that we miss all the most precious moments of our life.

The Harsh Truth

The truth is nothing outside of you will ever bring you long lasting happiness. It has to come from within. It all starts with making a conscious decision to change.

That's all I amc asking? Would you be willing to open your mind and new ideas?

Shameek Holder ~
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